How to Add Dry Salt Therapy to Your Spa Business


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100% Natural, Drug-free Treatment that Restores and Renews

Mimicking a salt cave environment by using salt’s natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory healing properties, salt rooms are believed to:

• be a safe and effective way to provide relief for respiratory and skin conditions
• help in strengthening the immune system
• reduce stress


Salt rooms are designed to provide dry salt therapy in a man-made environment with varying elements of size, design and function. Each element is as unique as the space it resides in.

In addition to building a salt room, there are many other ways to treat your clients to the benefits of salt:

• Bringing in Himalayan salt tiles into your existing sauna will create another layer of healthy rejuvenation for your clients

• You can also offer easy -to-use and very comfortable heated Himalayan salt loungers or tables to deliver salt’s healing properties.

SPA SOLUTIONS works with experienced halotherapy professionals to access the vast variety of material shapes, sizes and formats and ensure proper equipment installation and technical guidance. We’ve partnered with top expert suppliers to bring you the finest in beautifully illuminated, hand-carved salt products, made from the purest and most beneficial salt ever discovered on earth.

Himalayan Salt Treatment Room Starter Kit

Spas Can Easily Upgrade Classic Massage Offerings to Himalayan Salt Stone Massages

Using a Low-Energy, Eco-Friendly Warmer for Himalayan Salt Stones Constructed with a Shielded, LED Energy Source Using NO Water or Chemicals

Starter kit includes Saltability manual and video protocol, as well as:

Use with 3 easy steps …

• Start-up — Set the provided 7-day timer to come on 45 minutes prior to spa opening and set to shut off automatically at spa closing time.

• Upgrade — The low energy use of the warmer allows for all day use. With the warmer on and ready, guests can easily upgrade classic treatments with Himalayan salt.

• Clean up — Caring for your stones with Decon 30, an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant, is an extra preventative step. Nontoxic, Decon 30 will not harm the guest, therapist, or salt stones. Simply spray and wipe dry between treatments.



• All warmers use LED bulbs for their lighting source and do not give off any heat.

• Due to variations in the natural coloring of the thick round slab of Himalayan salt, some units can be dimmer than others. This is out of our control.

• 1 hard copy of the protocol manual will be included for every 5 warmers purchased.

*7-day timer not available for international orders.


This State-of-the-Art Custom Built HALO FX™ Halogenerator Delivers a Reliable and Powerful Performance for Every Dry Salt Therapy Session

halo-generator-dry-salt-therapy• Sleek lightweight design allows for easy installation for both small and large salt rooms

• Numerous adjustable pre-set programs that make it customizable for any lung or skin condition

• Quiet, simple to operate and virtually maintenance free

• Durable plastic vs. stainless steel (no clumping – easier to clean)

• Internal control provides consistent salt saturation

• Adjustable particle size functionality

• 2 Separate auxiliary controls for ventilation and lights

Dimensions: 13” (W) x 21” (L) x 9”(D)   •   Weighs 14 lbs. •   Up to 400 sq. ft. room   •   Wall Mount Installation   •   UL Certified

Himalayan Salt Wall

himalayansaltspa-1Bring Aesthetic Value to Your Spa and Boost Guest Health

Our bodies also reap numerous health benefits at a biochemical level from the salt

Stress Reduction • Increased Energy • Mood Boosts


Himalayan Salt Frame

Add this Healing Feature to Your Wellness Facility

This Innovative System is Ideal for Adding to a Sauna

• Dry heat activates the Himalayan salt blocks, transforming them into ionizers.

• Wellness is enhanced with an abundance of ions that support the respiratory and immune systems.

• Himalayan Salt is Especially Beautiful When Lit


Atlas Flex-Block™ Salt Lounge

Cradled in healing comfort, spa guests experience the nourishing, replenishing benefits of Himalayan salt while relaxing on the heated, ultra-comfortable Atlas Flex-Block™ Salt Lounge (patent pending).

himalayansaltspa• Innovative flex-top surface has Himalayan salt tiles that cushion and give way with the body for a comfortable, cradling feel

• Remote control, electronic lounge moves easily from upright to zero gravity position to provide suh benefits as back and muscle pain relief and more

• Waterproof heater warms the salt tiles to release negative ions and clean the air, improving breathing and allergy problems, decreasing anxiety, improving sleep and more


Atlas Flex-Block™ Salt Table

The Atlas Salt Treatment Table provides an easy-to-use and very comfortable method to deliver salt’s healing properties.

This innovative Flex-Block™ Salt Bed provides the benefit of direct skin contact with perfectly-warmed salt, without any worry about sanitization. Unlike granular salt beds, the Atlas Salt has a solid surface that is easily sanitized before each treatment.

• Himalayan Salt on a flexible surface that is comfortable, soothing, and beautiful

• Motorized height adjustment makes it easy to get on/off and comfortable for the therapist

• No walls or sides to climb over or reach around

• Lightweight, removable, padded top converts the Atlas Salt to a traditional massage table with face cradle, making the treatment room available for full- time use

• Convenient warming drawer for other salt products, lotions, and towels

• Drip tray below Salt Bed to protect motors, frame, and floor (easy to remove and clean)


Therapeutic Massage Table Topper

himalayansaltspa-10Used atop a warmed massage table, the Therapeutic Massage Table Topper infuses the natural healing benefits of Himalayan salt, amplified by quartz, into every service and treatment.

This unique therapeutic table topper uses a base of pure, all natural Himalayan salt and healing quartz (93% pure) sand which can be warmed to the desired temperature.
The warm sand helps to alleviate pain and promote comfort, and the Himalayan salt brings the body into its natural biorhythms, mineralizes and reduces oxidative stress on the body.

As the client reclines, the sand conforms to the body to release muscular tension and conform to the body on the massage table.



Salt Wall Bricks

himalayansaltspa-11Creating a naturally captivating and relaxing atmosphere, Himalayan salt bricks are a very popular salt room décor item.

Salt bricks come in a variety of colors and can be custom designed to be used on salt room walls, ceilings, or floors.

When installed, along with LED lighting, they can create a warm and tranquil backlit effect.


Himalayan Salt Flooring

himalayansaltspa-12Adding Himalayan salt to your salt room floor adds an impressive new dimension to a salt therapy experience.

Adults and children alike enjoy the wonderful sensory experience with the addition of salt crystals.


Salt Wall Panels

himalayansaltspa-13Himalayan salt panels can be a wonderful addition to a salt room, as they provide a unique textured design for salt room walls.

Salt panels can be paired with LED lighting similar to Himalayan salt bricks to exude a warm and tranquil atmosphere.




Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

himalayansaltspa-14Once lit, the lamp will emit a beautiful rose glow.

While the salt warms, it releases negative ions into the air, creating an effect similar to an ionizer, purifying the surrounding air.



Contact SPA SOLUTIONS to learn all the different ways to capture the beauty and effectiveness of salt therapy for your spa business!

Call (401) 667-7187 and follow Spa Solutions on Facebook!