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Spa Solutions for Spa, Salon and Fitness Industries

Spa Solutions for Spa, Salon and Fitness Industries

Spa Solutions’ team of experienced professionals represents over 30 years of combined expertise in developing Spa, Salon and Fitness operations and design along with marketing strategies and equipment selection guidance.

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Design and Development

Color plays an integral role in the success of any Spa, Salon and Fitness center. Colors should flow seamlessly and be an outward expression of class, elegance, sophistication and success. Make your new and existing clients feel warm, secure and comfortable while they are experiencing top of the line products and services. Spa Solutions helps create a memorable experience for your clients.

Should you need office or retail furniture, Spa Solutions works directly with suppliers and manufacturers. We also utilize our databases for the best available pricing on all incidentals from wall art, to carpeting, to wall and window treatments as well as spa essentials such as robes, slippers and sheeting, just to name a few.

Financial Performance and Projection
Our architects will then discuss the construction plans with you for edits, additions and any structural changes before construction begins. Should your project already be past the construction phase, Spa Solutions will easily be able to step in and continue the expansion process and with minimal effort.

Staffing and Operations Spa Solutions for Spa, Salon and Fitness IndustriesStaffing and Operation
An integral and often overlooked part of the success of any Spa is the team. You want your front desk personnel to shine just as brightly as your providers. Therefore, you need the best in recruitment and retention suppliers, and Spa Solutions can do just that. Since 1999 we have been providing top notch staffing for our Medical and Spa owners.

Prior to opening day, Spa Solutions will create and implement a detailed account of every dimension of your facility, front desk operations, back room operations, treatment room protocols and treatment protocols. In addition, a training manual will be established and discussed with all office personnel. This will ensure efficient operations of all areas as well as uniformity in your treatment rooms and with client issues and problems. When clients see how organized and efficiently your location is running, you will begin to see more and more new, happy clients.

Product, Equipment and Service Solutions for Spa, Salon and Fitness IndustriesChoosing the Right Products, Equipment & Service Offerings
Spa Solutions works hard to ensure that your product lines are professional, top of the line, with proven results. We believe that your product line(s) should be symbolic of the level of professionalism your clients will experience. We keep you informed and involved on all products and make product suggestions to guarantee your overall success. We value your input and vision. Together we will choose a line that represents you as well as your facility. We can also assist you in purchasing medical equipment for operating rooms, procedure rooms as well as various laser machine technologies.

Marketing and Public Relations Solutions for Spa, Salon and Fitness IndustriesOnce your product line and medical equipment is chosen we carefully tailor services to provide an easy-to-follow, yet elegant spa brochure. This is your calling card to your clients so it should be educational, while being easy to read, non-gender specific and elegant. Spa brochure creation is something Spa Solutions truly prides itself on. Through our customized Rewards Programs and Signature Service offerings, we want for your clients to return again and again, further ensuring your success and making your business stand out in the community.

We also provide you with proven model structures for monthly incentives, holiday specials and group discounts, wedding programs and more, all to guarantee constant public awareness and overall success.

Marketing and Public Relations
Once your facility is ready, we will personally guide the introduction process. We provide all public relations kits to all the media outlets in your chosen area. In addition, we help to create your personalized website and all interactive social media campaigns such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIn accounts. We also train your front desk/management staff to update, write content and manage these accounts daily. Social media is key to the overall success and awareness of your business and Spa Solutions will make sure that your staff understands the importance of this form of media and is trained and educated to utilize this media.

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