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About Spa Solutions

Achieve Operational and Financial Success

Spa Solutions is recognized around the world as a company that will partner with our customers to achieve operational and financial success by providing unparalleled business consulting and expertise in the spa and wellness industry.  With over 20 years of experience, Spa Solutions works with a large array of businesses, from building to sourcing equipment and providing focus and direction in a variety of areas. Our experience includes operations and services, marketing, sales, business plans, human resources, and retail products, as well as our world class, award winning design services.  Our goal is to align with the unique needs of our clients, helping them to build value and unprecedented quality that will long be remembered by each and every visitor to your facility. The Spa Solutions Consulting team of associates represents years of experience assisting business entrepreneurs who strive to enhance their aesthetic services and client support through solid business and financial planning, creative marketing and e-commerce development.

We have studied and successfully developed spas, salons, medical aesthetics and wellness centers for more than 20 years. We have top notch resources that outshines the best anywhere.



1. Avoid pitfalls. Find your own DNA. Then create your own Unique Selling Points.

2. Have a Unique Story. Your audience must find the appeal.

3. To sell, offer solutions and identify the benefits.

4. Focus on good health, well-being, and aesthetic benefits with value-added pricing.


Laura 2

Laura Walker, founder and owner of Spa Solutions, is especially alert to the importance of “timing” – when to implement what, so the project runs smoothly and as envisioned. With her knowledge of the various details of construction, plus vast experience in launching start-ups, Ms. Walker is fully able to turn a concept into a viable business enterprise.







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