5 Tips for Healthier Living

Those of us who work in the Wellness Industry should be fully aware of how important it is to take care of our health (and happiness) in addition to our clients’.

Here are a few tips to how you can improve your health…and your life!

1. Eat high quality whole foods as often as you can. Shop organic produce, pasture raised poultry eggs and beef, and wild caught fish.

2. Take time to breathe each day. Proper breathing has a direct effect on the physiology of the human body. Deep abdominal breathing slows heart, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

3. Make sure to plan time to rest: whether with adequate sleep, listening to classical music, or taking a light walk; rest is essential to keep both the mind and body sharp.

4. Move your body regularly. The human body is built for movement. Taking the joints through their full range of motion and elevating the heart rate keeps the cardiovascular system and skeletal system strong and healthy.

5. Find gratitude in everything. Our life is an opportunity to continuously learn and grow. Chances are if you’re reading this all of your basic needs are met (probably more then met). Be grateful for your life, even the difficult times as they are opportunities for you to be stronger, healthier and happier if you can meet them with the correct amount of effort and mindset.