Show Your Expertise with These 3 Quick Tips and Boost Fall Retail Sales



Now that the bright colors of summer have turned into deep shades of fall, many of us are reminded to trade our summer beauty products in for items designed to protect skin and hair from cooler weather. Savvy spa professionals know how to turn the changing of seasons into an opportunity to bump up their retail sales and start moving inventory by preparing seasonal product kits.





1. Share your professional expertise. Include a handwritten note reminding your clients to:

    • Pack up those skin-drying scented soaps used all summer for more richer, oil-based scrubs
    • Restore hair’s moisture and elasticity with a deep conditioning treatment to counteract beachy texturizing sea salt sprays
    • Use a nice thick balm to protect lips.
    • Throw in an electronic candle and soft hand towel and you’ve created a holiday gift AND increased retail sales!

2. Keep it cost-effective. First you choose which existing retail products need moving, then you choose your packaging. Try asking around for unwanted yet still pretty, baskets, bags, jars and vases, even pretty kitchen bowls or champagne buckets will do. The containers can be as diverse as the products you include and will make a fun and interesting display to get your client’s attention!

3. Make it an after-hours event! Bring in some refreshments, turn up the music and have a little staff social as everyone creates product kits together. The more familiar your staff is with these ‘new’ products kits, the more they’re apt to talk about them with their clients, which leads to more sales!

Remember, you and your staff are the experts and already have your client’s trust. Focus on educating your clients about the product’s benefits and watch your inventory will move!


Written by Spa Solutions’ staff, Phyllis Gasperini